When do you need to hire a financial advisor in Hebron, CT ?
There are no legal requirements in Hebron requiring individuals to use a financial advisor. However, that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea. The decision to hire a financial advisor or not ultimately comes down to three primary criteria: expertise, time and money.
Managing all aspects of your finances is far from simple. Top financial advisors spend years studying and passing exams to become experts at their craft, and while not required, be on the look-out for certain designations like CFP, CFA and ChFC when considering advisors. They let you know that an independent authority has validated the advisor's expertise in the areas covered by the certification.
Managing your finances is time-consuming. You should consider carefully whether this is where you want to spend your free time. If not, Wealthminder can help you easily find a Hebron, CT financial advisor to meet your needs.
Hiring a financial advisor is not free. However, a great financial advisor should be able to articulate the value you will receive from their services and should over the long run pay for their fees many times over. Spend some time thinking about the long-term cost of not hiring an advisor instead of only looking at the short-term costs / fees.
How important is licensing for financial advisors in Connecticut ?
Financial advisors in Hebron, CT are required to register with the SEC, the state or both. Wealthminder's directory only contains advisors who are properly registered as Independent Advisor Representatives (IARs) and this information is updated on a periodic basis.
The rules for becoming an IAR vary by state, but advisors have to pass some combination of the following 3 exams before they can register: Series 63, Series 65 and Series 66.
Never hire an advisor who isn't properly registered with the regulators as they are not legally allowed to provide financial advice.
Wealthminder also keeps track of complaints people register with the regulators and you can find this information on every advisor's page.
You should get several bids before hiring a financial advisor
Before hiring a Hebron, CT financial advisor, be sure to get at least 3 detailed proposals. Quality financial advisors will take the time to explain their proposal, detailing both what they will do for you and how you will be charged. Be wary of an abnormally low proposal, they are not worth the risk. These underpriced proposals often come with hidden fees or sub-par advice. Choose an advisor you trust and can clearly communicate with. Wealthminder has made the proposal process extremely simple (and free). Just click here to get started.
Why you should hire an advisor through Wealthminder?
Wealthminder is here to make the process simple and transparent for you. You take a few minutes of your time to describe what you want help with. We then pass your request on to the advisors in our network. If they are interested in your business, they will respond with an initial proposal. You then compare the proposals, ask follow-up questions, hold an initial consultation with the advisors whose proposals you like and ultimately hire the one that best meets your needs.
To participate in the proposal process, advisors must be legal fiduciaries (this means they have to look out for your best interest), agree to submit fee-only proposals (no kick-backs on the investment products they recommend) with the exception of insurance (because insurance can currently only be sold on commission) and have no black-marks with the regulators.
Financial recourse when hiring an advisor in Connecticut
Connecticut does offer recourse to investors if a relationship with an advisor goes wrong. Each state has a different means for filing a complaint and a simple google search should point you in the right direction.
In addition, you can also file a complaint with the SEC or FINRA.